What to supply each day:

  • Fruit or vege break, morning tea and lunch

  • Water bottle - no juice or sweet drinks, only fresh delicious water

  • A spare change of clothes - sometimes the children play with water or get hold or cold, so please provide options for variable weather and different play options

  • A full brimmed hat

  • A sleeping sheet

*Make sure everything is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Healthy Lunch box ideas:

Fruit & Vege

  • carrot and celery sticks

  • corn cob, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber

  • piece of fresh fruit eg. apple, pear, strawberries, orange, grapes and bananas

  • salad - filling in a sandwich, wrap or roll

    Breads & Cereals

  • fruit bread, scones, pikelets

  • crackers, dry biscuits, rice cakes

  • rice, noodles, pasta

    Meat & other Protein sources

  • lean beef, lamb, pork, chicken, tuna or salmon - filling in sandwiches, rolls, wraps, sushi or added to salad

  • baked beans, lentil patty

  • left-over meat-based casserole, rissoles, meat-based pasta sauce

    Dairy Food

  • cheese slices or cubes as a snake with cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes

  • cheese as a filling in sandwiches, rolls and wraps or on dry biscuits

  • yoghurt


  • pack a filled water bottle with water only - this is our drink of choice at Rosellas!

Please do NOT bring these to preschool, for the safety of other children, as well as meeting requirements:

  • no nuts of any kind, or nut pastes / butters

  • no hard boiled eggs

  • no lollies, sweets or chips

  • no sweet drinks

  • as well as any other foods noted depending on particular allergies of new children; please ask your teacher if you are unsure

  • any special toys or jewellery.

When to keep your child home:

  • sick, vomiting, runny nose

  • head lice

  • any contagious illness