Rosellas Community Preschool Mission Statement

Rosellas Community Preschool is committed to providing learning experiences for each child in preparation for early success and school readiness.  We provide a fun, nurturing and curiosity-driven learning environment.  Our children develop a love for learning building the strengths and skills necessary for them to construct their own knowledge and prepare them for lifelong learning together within their families, community and beyond.

We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land, past, present and future. Honouring our Elders and nurturing our youth.


Our Philosophy

·         Our environment is nurturing and safe, supporting children to take risks, engage, have a voice and be heard.  As mandatory reporters staff at Rosellas are committed to child safety and protection, ensuring the rights of the child. 

·         Our programs focus on a sense of belonging and community, developing meaningful, engaging and diverse programs guided by educators and children alike.  This fosters individual and group learning experiences.

·         We respect people’s choices, ethnicity and diversity working together to build a supportive community where all individuals are to be treated equally.  This is reflected in our team’s professionalism and respect for each other.

·         To help build a greater sense of belonging we include various excursions & incursions to foster a better connection to the wider community in which we have rights and responsibilities.

·         Fostering respect and responsibility, we work toward educating and providing a sustainable environment & future for our children, families and educators.

·         We nurture relationships with families that include open participation in our programs and activities and communication via visual, written, electronic and verbal exchanges.

·         Using the EYLF as a guide, with working in conjunction with families, and with professional reflection, we continually review and adjust our practices and relationships.

·         Our philosophy is an integral part of creating a foundation for a sense of being, belonging & becoming to actively engage our children and our community.

·         Rosellas Management Committee and staff comply with relevant local, state and national legislative requirements.